General Membership Meetings Are Held The 3rd Monday of Each Month

6:00 PM at Zion Baptist Church on Washington Street in Reading, PA

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President’s Message

Reading Branch NAACP #2289 – Call for Action

 The NAACP has been in existence since 1909. It was originally started in response to a Call for Action following a murderous race riot in 1908 in Springfield, the capital of Illinois and the resting place of Abraham Lincoln.

 Seven African Americans were killed and over two hundred thousands dollars in property damage was reported. This was over 40 years after the emancipation proclamation and the time had come to take a strong stance against such atrocities. 

 Since its inception the NAACP has worked diligently in an effort to abolish racial discrimination, ensure equal protection under the law and establish equitable educational, social economic and political opportunities for all Americans.

 Despite all the advances made through the efforts of the NAACP, voting rights are being jeopardized, equal protection under the law remains arguable and equitable opportunities are not a reality for many people.

 The Reading Branch NAACP #2289 is extending the Call for Action that was first heard in 1909. We are in need of people to work with us to prevent the reversible of laws that have helped many people live the American Dream. The future of America and all of its citizens deserve the preservation of laws to prevent a greater divide between ethnic groups and social economic classes.     

 Please consider becoming a member of the Reading Branch. You can join by registering online at . If you use this approach please be certain to affiliate yourself with the Reading Branch #2289. You can also secure a paper membership form by contacting the local NAACP office at 610-373-4100. Please leave your name, number and address and a membership form will be mailed to you.

 All behalf of the entire membership, we look forward to serving our community with you,

 Bill Thompson


Reading Branch NAACP #2289 


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